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14 December 2009 @ 09:15 pm
Poll: Do you think Gossip Girl will get better?  
Between the "come-to-Jesus meeting", the fairly impressive fall finale The Debarted, the long hiatus upon us, and the new interview with Josh Schwartz regarding the second half of season 3, are things looking up? Or will it be a string of broken promises all over again?

Poll #1499079 Do you think Gossip Girl will get better?

Do you think Gossip Girl will get better?

Yes, I definite believe it!
Maybe, but the last episode could be a fluke, and it's back to awfulness again.
No, all hope is lost.

Also, an announcement: we'll be announcing our next date for round 2 of mailing, so get your postcards and/or letters ready! The holidays should give you ample time.

ETA: So sorry for the grammar error in the poll. It's bothering me so much I have to edit this post!

So while I'm at it, I just wanted to ask you guys to expound on your votes: what makes you think the show will do better/worse/the same when the hiatus ends? Sound off in the comments! Again, we'd like to keep the discussion going so that when sending comes, everybody will be ready with what they have to say in their letters.