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18 April 2010 @ 08:43 pm
More articles!  
We've found out about some more critical articles since our last post about them.

Gossip Girl: Plotlines We Want to Kill or Revive

We often wish things for Gossip Girl, but too often those wishes are taken the wrong. And that's our fault. For example, we desperately wanted more Chuck Bass in the third season, but regrettably forgot to specify that his obsession with his father's hotel is exhaustingly inane. In an attempt to be absolutely clear this time around, here are the specific storylines we miss and those we want put through the shredder for good.


Fan Demand - Bring Back The Real Gossip Girl

In Season 3 viewership for the CW network show dived to two million, driven down by the show’s dearth of scandalous stories, and the ridiculous, short-lived plots.

The first two seasons of Gossip Girl were filled with smart social commentary. It was about high school hierarchy, girls fighting for status, teen sex, drugs, and bad parenting. Now that the girls and guys are off to college - at a version of New York University that exists in only in fantasy-land - the show has lost its mojo.


Liars and Cougars and Whores, Oh My!

Artsweek’s Resident Television Columnist Explores the Vampire-Loving, Catfight-Filled, Uber-Dramatic Programming of the Network Formerly Known as the WB

“Gossip Girl”:

If you’ve been keeping an eye on TV ratings (wait, that’s just me?), you know that “Gossip Girl” has become a laughing stock to rival the shame of any VH1 reality show. Unfortunately, this Upper-Eastside drama learned the first rule of television the hard way: A series is only as good as its bitch. Tragically, my fellow viewers and I have seen the once-proud Blair Waldorf of season one, cunning and fierce to a fault, transform into a pathetic crybaby with zero depth. Even the fashion has gone downhill. Put this show out of its misery, I can’t stand it anymore.


QOTW: What would make Blair a stronger character?

This season of Gossip Girl has been great in my opinion, others may disagree. But there has been one low point in the season: Blair Waldorf. She’s lost her spunk, her personality and her backbone. (But in the last few episodes she’s been gaining it back.) What do you think would make Blair a stronger character in Gossip Girl: The College Years?


How top TV shows compare to last season

Shows reporting a drop of over 20% in total viewers year to year: 

90210, Cold Case, CSI, Fringe, Ghost Whisperer, Gossip Girl, Heroes, Lie to Me, Numb3rs, Rules of Engagement, Saturday Night (College) Football, Smallville & Supernatural.


Five TV Shows That Need Makeovers

Gossip Girl

Now in its third season, watching my beloved Upper East Siders trade partners every three episodes isn't nearly as exciting as it was when they were in high school. The show is severely lacking in focus and the characters are losing redeeming qualities by the minute. Not to mention it's (gasp!) kinda boring.

My suggestion: Introduce some quality fresh meat (not always evil characters), and develop the story lines a little bit more instead of plowing through them in two episodes.


And like we've said before, if you know about any then please let us know!
thmaymucthmaymuc on April 18th, 2010 07:13 pm (UTC)
First TWOP puts Chuck on the "10 Best Boyfriends on TV" list and now they want to kill off Dan? There's something entirely wrong with them. Even Jacob's recaps lacked of real insight in S3 (but who the fuck can blame him?)

But then again: "if we have to hear any more about this stupid hotel being a metaphor for his dysfunctional relationship with his dead father, or how his mother may or may not have loved him before she gave him up, we're going to start fast-forwarding through Chuck Bass scenes" - HA HA. Remember when Chuck was cool and didn't constantly tell everybody how PAINFUL his life was? Oh, good times.

A series is only as good as its bitch.
This actually almost makes me sad. Oh Blair.

It's awesome how the author of the second article is obviously a Rufus/Vanessa shipper.