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18 June 2010 @ 03:21 am
Cheap tricks  
From Gossip Girl: From TV's best to extremely boring (and we shall point them out to you in case you've forgotten, which seems to be the case with the writers):

- A secret brother comes into scene. Yes
Scott, 2.13-3.05

- The missing mother comes back, though everyone thought she was dead. Yes
Elizabeth, 3.12 to 3.16

- Someone is a drug dealer, or someone gets into a jam with drugs. Yes
Serena/Georgina/Pete, 1.17; Chuck, 2.14; Damien/Jenny, 3.10 to 3.15

- A main character dies. No
If Bart counts, yes. 2.12-2.13; Chuck's shooting in 3.22 and teasing the possibility of his death even if everyone knows he'll be back

- Everyone has gone out with everyone. Yes. (The only remaining couple whe have are Dan and Blair)
And Chuck/Serena.

Though image needs updating since Chuck/Jenny hooked up.

- One of the main characters kills someone. Yes.
This one technically isn't true, but was hyped as such.

- Someone ends up in jail. Yes
Dan and Chuck, 3.05; Serena, 2.23-2.24; Lily, 2.24

- A finale ends with someone being shot/hit by a car. Yes
Bart, 2.12; Serena, 3.12; Chuck, 3.22

- Someone runs to the airport to confess his/her love. No
Was preempted by Georgina showing up before Dan leaves for Paris? Possibly.

- The poor marries the rich. Yes
Lily and Rufus, 3.05

- One of the members of the family is a traitor who wants to steal everyone’s fortune. Yes
Jack, 2.15 and 3.15

- One of the characters was secretly married. No
Serena and Gabriel's fake marriage confusion should count if "killing" someone does.

- The children of a former couple get together. Yes
Dan and Serena

- Someone had had a child and hadn’t told anyone. Yes
Scott, 2.13-3.05; Dan/Georgina, 3.22

Read the rest here. Got any other "cheap tricks" Gossip Girl has played? This one comes to mind:

- Someone had an affair with a married congressman.
Serena/Trip, 3.08-3.12
lillypaulinelillypauline on June 18th, 2010 12:32 pm (UTC)
LOLOLOL! This is kind of sad though :/