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30 June 2010 @ 02:34 am
And that may explain everything.

The Non-Judging Breakfast Club: 'Gossip Girl' and the Pretend Teenager
More importantly, Gossip Girl gives no sense of what it might feel like to be a teen. The usual “teen problems” are superficially treated, if at all. The first season saw a half-hearted attempt to show the repercussions of Blair losing her virginity to lothario Chuck Bass in the back of his limo, but that was quickly abandoned —Blair was such a Machiavellian manipulator that a plotline based on her loss of innocence was implausible. The parents on the show are generally so preoccupied with their own problems that they present no real opposition to teen culture. The archetypal teenage struggle to fit in is also non-existent; although the show began with Jenny Humphrey, a girl from a “poor” (read: upper middle class) family struggling to keep up with her more wealthy schoolmates, her father soon married a rich divorcee, ensuring that no character would be without designer duds.

Instead, the show resonates with adult viewers by reveling in the most scandalous aspects of adult life: sexually adventurous relationships, drinking and drug use, and high-flying careers. Blasé, these teens speak about their adult concerns as though it were perfectly normal (“You haven’t eaten bread since middle school,” Blair says to Serena in a recent episode). Chuck assumes control over his late father’s billion-dollar empire and opens a hotel and club; instead of the usual scenario of a house party broken up by police (these martini-glugging teens are never carded), Chuck’s club was shut down because of a bogus liquor license. These teens have none of the anxieties and awkwardness that accompany teen sexual inexperience—they have sex as nonchalantly as adults. Plus, they hook up with actual adults; Blair with a friend’s uncle, Jenny’s brother Dan with his English teacher, and another student, Nate Archibald with a married woman he meets in the Hamptons. Serena decides to reel in the Broadway director hired to direct the senior class play, as though he were the cute boy from Biology. And the play these students perform? An adaptation of Edith Wharton’s The Age of Innocence. Newland Archer and Countess Olenska would be scandalized.


Rather than worry about the effect that such precocious and hyper-sexualized teen shows have on today’s youth, we might ask ourselves what they say about us, the adults who are actually watching. It’s tempting to argue that such shows offer a temporary and harmless escape from the responsibilities of adult life. To project teenagehood as that escape, however, is essentially an act of hopelessness, an admission that the best life has to offer is long gone.

Already, this idealization of adolescence has begun to affect the way we aspire to look, and they way we behave. Today’s young adults enter the workforce later, leave home later and marry later than their counterparts from earlier generations. We aspire to look young, and to act young. At what point will we just become a nation of teenagers?

Keep tweeting Josh you guys.
18 June 2010 @ 03:21 am
From Gossip Girl: From TV's best to extremely boring (and we shall point them out to you in case you've forgotten, which seems to be the case with the writers):

- A secret brother comes into scene. Yes
Scott, 2.13-3.05

- The missing mother comes back, though everyone thought she was dead. Yes
Elizabeth, 3.12 to 3.16

- Someone is a drug dealer, or someone gets into a jam with drugs. Yes
Serena/Georgina/Pete, 1.17; Chuck, 2.14; Damien/Jenny, 3.10 to 3.15

- A main character dies. No
If Bart counts, yes. 2.12-2.13; Chuck's shooting in 3.22 and teasing the possibility of his death even if everyone knows he'll be back

- Everyone has gone out with everyone. Yes. (The only remaining couple whe have are Dan and Blair)
And Chuck/Serena.

Though image needs updating since Chuck/Jenny hooked up.

- One of the main characters kills someone. Yes.
This one technically isn't true, but was hyped as such.

- Someone ends up in jail. Yes
Dan and Chuck, 3.05; Serena, 2.23-2.24; Lily, 2.24

- A finale ends with someone being shot/hit by a car. Yes
Bart, 2.12; Serena, 3.12; Chuck, 3.22

- Someone runs to the airport to confess his/her love. No
Was preempted by Georgina showing up before Dan leaves for Paris? Possibly.

- The poor marries the rich. Yes
Lily and Rufus, 3.05

- One of the members of the family is a traitor who wants to steal everyone’s fortune. Yes
Jack, 2.15 and 3.15

- One of the characters was secretly married. No
Serena and Gabriel's fake marriage confusion should count if "killing" someone does.

- The children of a former couple get together. Yes
Dan and Serena

- Someone had had a child and hadn’t told anyone. Yes
Scott, 2.13-3.05; Dan/Georgina, 3.22

Read the rest here. Got any other "cheap tricks" Gossip Girl has played? This one comes to mind:

- Someone had an affair with a married congressman.
Serena/Trip, 3.08-3.12
12 June 2010 @ 11:16 am
TIME NewsFeed: OMG Is Chuck Bass Dead?
What better way to end a pathetically poor season than with a cliffhanger finale that potentially kills off one of the most important characters and features an illegitimate child in the belly of another character’s ex-girl friend’s ex-best friend? Whaaa?

Gossip Girl wrapped up its third season last night, quite literally, with a bang. Immediately after Georgina Sparks reveals her bursting baby belly to Dan Humphrey, the show cuts to a scene with Chuck Bass stumbling from a club, wasted, as two devious-looking individuals approach him. He doesn’t seem to mind being robbed. “I’m Chuck Bass, I have lots of money,” until they find the engagement ring he had planned to give to Blair. That one pulls at his drunken heartstrings a bit, they struggle and a gun goes off. Chuck is left alone, bleeding out in a street somewhere in the world while the love of his life toasts to her summer in Paris with her best friend. RIP, Chuck Bass. Even you didn’t deserve to die alone.

The thing is, Gossip Girl show used to be really good. Correction: It used to be a really good guilty pleasure. Now, it’s just guilty. The writers had to go to all kinds of lows this season (threesome, anyone?) to try and garner even a sliver of popularity the show once enjoyed. It seems the show has been renewed for a fourth season, which will premiere fall 2010, but I shudder to think how much longer the series can last. Dare I say RIP Gossip Girl?
18 April 2010 @ 08:43 pm
We've found out about some more critical articles since our last post about them.

Gossip Girl: Plotlines We Want to Kill or Revive

We often wish things for Gossip Girl, but too often those wishes are taken the wrong. And that's our fault. For example, we desperately wanted more Chuck Bass in the third season, but regrettably forgot to specify that his obsession with his father's hotel is exhaustingly inane. In an attempt to be absolutely clear this time around, here are the specific storylines we miss and those we want put through the shredder for good.

Click here for more articlesCollapse )

And like we've said before, if you know about any then please let us know!
10 April 2010 @ 03:24 am

So there are a few things bothering us right now, not the least of which is the latest episode, 3.17 Inglourious Bassterds. We thought you'd might want to join us in letting Josh know what we thought about the episode and speculations on future ones, so we're holding another Twitter blast action, starting right now!

Just send a tweet when you can, as often as you can, starting now until Monday. (Though try to catch Josh when he's online, if you can!)

His Twitter username is JoshSchwartz76. Don't forget to add us too: ProjectHeadband

If you read a good article that critiques Gossip Girl's recent storylines, quote it, link it, share it, retweet it. We'll be posting some of them here to get your started.

TIP: Use Twuffer to schedule tweets. Add your old tweets at different dates so Josh has a better chance of seeing them, and you don't have to be around all day tweeting.

We know there are a TON of fans, both from Gossip Girl and Chuck, that are tweeting Josh non-stop, so let's try to be smart about this. Give constructive feedback and don't be too hot-tempered. Try asking questions so that he might respond. Get your friends in on the action, grab our icons, and spread the word in the forums and fan sites.

Ready, set, TWEET!
10 February 2010 @ 09:31 pm

Josh and Stephanie answered gave a good amount of spoilers tonight, and even some of The Headband Project's concerns were addressed. To summarize:

Thanks guys! Next 10 eps bringing the heat and headbands. All your fave couples (ALL...) getting lotsa screen time. Big finale. XOXO

Whatever he meant by bringing the headbands, we have high hopes it's both literal and metaphorical, the latter meaning he actually took notice of our campaign. To quote Peonies & Stockings at GGI: "We headbanded the hell out of him!"

So thank you everyone for participating. For future reference, here are all the spoilers we got, to see if they deliver when the hiatus is over:

  • SS: "They are in stories together every episode for the rest of the season." It's the most emotional stories they have done. #
  • N and J will be sharing a lot of time... and a whole more, if J has anything to say about it. #
  • For the record we don't let spoilers leak bc they upset fans. We think there's a mole. We r doing Blair Waldorf scheme to find who #
  • Carter Baizen and Georgina Sparks are coming back. But Damian is GG's newest pot stirrer... pot being the least of his offenses.. #
  • SS: "The return of Dr VDW will have Team Humphrey vs Team VDW." Also, Eric gets a new boyfriend. Cyrus Rose returns. And so does Agnes #
  • From SS: "Blair goes from victim to vixen." Also, Chuck will get a huge storyline. Super emotional. Ed's best work to date! #
  • Nate and Serena in the closet, on the kitchen floor... 9 1/2 Weeks in 9 1/2 seconds. D/V learn they're better as 2some than 3some #
  • From SS: "Gossip Girl (the site) will be dropping some of her biggest gossip bombs to date. She's back in a big way." Less NYU, more UES #
  • Thanks guys! Next 10 eps bringing the heat and headbands. All your fave couples (ALL...) getting lotsa screen time. Big finale. XOXO #

Let's see if they follow through!

08 February 2010 @ 08:57 pm
ETA: Josh will answer questions tomorrow, Feb. 9. Source

Our new campaign action will be a little different this time because we'll be doing it online, specifically on Twitter. The reason we're doing this is, mainly: Josh Schwartz just joined Twitter several weeks ago (follow him at @JoshSchwartz76). Even more recently, he announced plans to answer fan questions about Gossip Girl on February 8. So we thought we'd bring The Headband Project to Twitter. How?

1. Sign up for an account. It should only take a couple of minutes, and it's a great way to keep up with your friends.

2. Follow Josh. Add us too: @projectheadband and the Gossip Girl folks (listed here).

3. On February 8 and February 14, send out tweets of how you think the show can improve. Multiple ones would be good over the course of the two days, at least 50 tweets per person. Tweets are only 140 characters long, so if you want to say something long, you probably will need to break it up into multiple messages. But the more concise and to the point, the better. (Time to break out those slogans too!)

4. Since we want to send the message to the writers and creator of the show, direct it straight to Josh by mentioning him in your tweet, like so:

@JoshSchwartz76 We want our fierce Blair Waldorf back! #gossipgirl #headbandproject

Since Josh will be taking questions on Feb. 8, we recommend you post tweets in question format:

@JoshSchwartz76 Will Blair ever get back on top as queen? #gossipgirl #headbandproject

So what do all those weird symbols mean? @JoshSchwartz76 means your message is being sent to Josh, an @reply (note: your friends/followers can see it if they follow him).

#gossipgirl and #headbandproject are called hashtags, which are a way of tagging tweets so they're easy to track. See also who's tweeting Josh here.

5. Grab our graphics and change your avatar & Twitter background. See what we did to our Twitter page.

Everything okay so far? So to summarize: sign up for Twitter, then send no less than 50 tweets to @JoshSchwartz76 on Feb. 8 and 14.

We hope you can join us on those dates, and tell all your friends to join in! If you have any questions, leave a comment or send us a message.
21 January 2010 @ 06:35 pm
We just wanted to remind you all to send your letters tomorrow.

- Make a copy of your letter and send it as an email too. 
- Write "The Headband Project" on the envelope. 
- Use the right stamp if you're not from the U.S. 
- Mailing adress: 
The CW Network
c/o Gossip Girl
3300 West Olive Avenue
Burbank, CA 91505

If you don't feel like writing a letter, then you can send a postcard instead. But a little note on it would be good. For example:
OMFG is rooted in characterization. Otherwise it's just WTF.
Why are so many character developments from prior seasons being ignored? Both Blair's and Jenny's moving beyond Queen last season and Serena's guilt over sleeping with a taken guy have been ignored and are making all three girls look irrational.
Go here for more slogans and snippets (Or you can come up with your own).

Also, feel free to send some of the graphics if you want to:

Thank you all for participating! :)

By Peace/Love/GG on GGI

Here it is guys! Round two of our letter sending campaign is happening next year, January 22. For people outside the U.S., be sure to send earlier: we recommend January 18. Another Friday, and it's on the third week of January and the year 2010.

Mailing address: The CW Network
c/o Gossip Girl
3300 West Olive Avenue
Burbank, CA 91505

What you can send in:

  • The standard love hate letter, detailing how you think the show can improve based on what we've seen in the past episodes (season, even) and future spoilers. If you think the show has improved, why not mention that as well? (More on that below)
  • A postcard, with a short and sweet note at the back. You can send several since one postcard is easy to make anyway!
  • Gossip Girl + Headband art. Sending an actual message is more important, of course, but that doesn't mean it should strictly be done in words. Have some fun while you're at it, right?

We noticed that in the poll we posted, a lot of you are optimistic about the second half of season 3. Does that mean we should stop sending in letters? No, we shouldn't, and here's why:

I was a bit concerned about that as well, but...on the same time, the Headband Project is about the belief that the show CAN get better, right? I hope many people will be willing to send letters again, and I think your idea on the last ep maybe giving people things to cite as positive changes since so many people responded more positively to it than the earlier eps, can be part of the letter as well. - jkay_ggc

I think people should write a letter even if it is just to say that they were happy with the last episode and are hopeful now with the future episodes. If anything just to keep the writers encouraged to write well. - mc_ggc

We'd like to reiterate that The Headband Project is about having hope that the show can do better. We hope you keep that in mind when you're writing those letters. In the meantime, time to spread the word about our letter sending round two! Please use the lovely graphic made by Peace/Love/GG and blog, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, or post about announcement everywhere you can. :)
14 December 2009 @ 09:15 pm
Between the "come-to-Jesus meeting", the fairly impressive fall finale The Debarted, the long hiatus upon us, and the new interview with Josh Schwartz regarding the second half of season 3, are things looking up? Or will it be a string of broken promises all over again?

Poll #1499079 Do you think Gossip Girl will get better?

Do you think Gossip Girl will get better?

Yes, I definite believe it!
Maybe, but the last episode could be a fluke, and it's back to awfulness again.
No, all hope is lost.

Also, an announcement: we'll be announcing our next date for round 2 of mailing, so get your postcards and/or letters ready! The holidays should give you ample time.

ETA: So sorry for the grammar error in the poll. It's bothering me so much I have to edit this post!

So while I'm at it, I just wanted to ask you guys to expound on your votes: what makes you think the show will do better/worse/the same when the hiatus ends? Sound off in the comments! Again, we'd like to keep the discussion going so that when sending comes, everybody will be ready with what they have to say in their letters.